Deed Poll


Complete the Application Form below to apply for an OFFICIAL legally binding Change of Name DEED POLL.

A Deed Poll is used to in Ireland to change your name legally and can be applied for by anyone 18 years of age and over.

Parents can apply to change their child or adolescent’s name by Deed Poll.

After you submit your application online our legal team will draw up and issue your Deed Poll so when you receive its ready to be signed with your witness in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or a Solicitor.


A Parent cannot be a witness for a Child or Adolescent Deed Poll – you must name another adult to be a witness. See witness section below.

Due to demand the issue of a deed can take up to 6 weeks so these documents are not eligible for express issue.

When completing the CURRENT name below list it as it appears on the Birth Certificate of the Adult or Child/Adolescent-including all FORENAMES.

After you change your name by Deed Poll your Birth Certificate does not change. When asked to prove your name by Government bodies/officials/financial institutions, you must present your Birth Certificate AND your Change of Name Deed Poll as proof of your entitlement to use a new name.

The Irish Passport Office will only allow an adult/adolescents to change your name on your Passport when you can provide proof of using your new name for TWO YEARS and varying timespans apply for this to children.

Costs of Deed Poll

Adult Deed Poll : €82.40

Child/Adolescent: Deed Poll with Joint Parents Consent : €88.55  with Parental Affidavit

Child/Adolescent Deed Poll with Mother Only Consent : €94.70  with Special Mother Only Affidavit

Deed Poll