More than 3,800 applications for birth certificates, birth information, early life, care, and medical information have been sought from the Adoption Authority of Ireland (AAI) over the past 12 months through the Birth Information and Tracing Act.

The authority received almost 400 tracing requests in the past year, of which 66% have been allocated to a social worker and over 10% moved into contact with a relative.

A total of 36 applications remain to be completed.

It is one year since the act enshrined into law the importance of a person knowing their origins.

The legislation provides for the full release of identity information to all relevant persons aged 16 years or over, as well as to next-of-kin and children of relevant persons in certain circumstances.

Since July 2022, 3,417 people have registered their details on the Contact Preference Register and 255 matches were completed.

The Contact Preference Register enables people to state their preferences in relation to contact with family, including a request for privacy.

A total of 85% of those added to the register in the past year are adopted persons, according to the AAI.