European Cities With The Worst Traffic Jams: How Does Dublin Rate?

In many European capitals, rush hour is an absolute nightmare with long tailbacks and delays.

According to the most recent INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, Moscow had the worst traffic jams of any capital city in Europe with peak congestion costing motorists 91 hours in 2017 and Dublin ranks 15th in the list of twenty plus countries..

Commuters are also finding themselves bumper to bumber for hours on end in London and Paris. Last year, peak traffic delays saw commuters in the UK’s capital lose 74 hours while total time lost in the French capital was 69 hours.

The situation is much better in some of the contintent’s smaller capital cities. Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a good example. Its metropolitan area had a population af around 500,000 people and total delays due to peak congestion in 2017 amounted to 21 hours.