How Do You Apply to Change Your Name by Deed Poll

It can be confusing working out how to change your name in Ireland.

Searches online usually lead to UK websites or advice on the process in the UK and not Ireland.

In Ireland, you can hire a solicitor to oversee the process of creating a deed poll to change your name.
However, because fees are not set, we have been told of solicitors charging between €400-€1000 to complete an Adult or Child/Adolescent Deed polls for name change.
You can also apply to the Courts yourself but like a Do-It-Yourself Divorce, it can be time consuming and you will also need to buy legal deed paper to complete your deed on.
On this website you can apply online to have your deed poll for change of name drawn up by our legal team.
As more of us are doing things online, we are now able to offer this legal service online to simplify the process.
The Deeds we issue are accepted by all financial and official bodies like the Passport Office, the Department of Social Protection, National Drivers Licence Service and the High Court. Read more on our website.
To order a Adult, Child or Adolescent Deed Poll click here: