Irish Fashion Designer Inundated With Orders for Bespoke Face Masks

Asta Jakubson, from Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, says she has been rushed off her feet producing custom masks for women who want to protect themselves and their guests while also looking their best on their big day.

The talented Lithuanian-born designer was just one of 10 international designers selected to showcase their work at Paris Fashion Week last year.

She said: “Face masks are the future of fashion now that this is our new normal, and women will be buying them like they would buy any other kind of accessory to go with an outfit.

“I’ve started creating bridal masks to go with wedding dresses that I hand-make for brides as well. I think they look really beautiful but also they are something that is needed from a health point of view. I’m sending orders all over Ireland and have been getting requests from people as far away as America. I can’t keep up with the requests.

“I design and create the masks in every colour and print you can think of and to make them look prettier and trendier I add diamanté, smiley faces and hearts.

“For brides I can add pearls or lace too. They’re obviously functional, but I think they can be uplifting. When people see me with my smiley face ones they give me a smile back and I think that’s contagious and brings out the good feeling.

“Whatever is going on in the world, we girls still want to look stylish and have that bit of fashion every day.”

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As well as being an essential health accessory and trendy addition to your wardrobe, the reusable masks are also environmentally friendly.

“The material is made from natural fibre, so they are breathable. I use cotton, cotton denim, flannel and linen,” said Asta.

“They are reusable and washable and you will have them forever whereas every day people are binning hundreds of thousands of disposable ones.”

Asta, who comes from a long line of seamstresses, is also keen to highlight that her masks are made using materials from local suppliers.

“We should look after our economy, particularly now, that’s why I am buying all the materials from Irish suppliers. Let’s support each other during such an uncertain time for local businesses,” she said.

SOURCE: Sally Harding, Irish Independent