George Victor Du Noyer: The Artist Who Painted Thousands of Watercolours of Ireland In The 1800s

A Mill in Kanturk, County Cork by George Victor Du Noyer from the collectiom of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

The Crawford Gallery in Cork is launching a major new exhibition of the work of George Victor Du Noyer this Friday 17 November 2017.

Born in Dublin in 1817 Du Noyer went on to paint nearly 5000 watercolours and drawings of Ireland dating from his school days to the year of his death in 1869.

The Irish painter, geologist and antiquarian was employed by Ordinance Survey and the Geological Survey, with Du Noyer walking the countryside documenting everything that he saw through his scientific drawings.

When he started his work as a surveyor, photography hadn’t been invented, but by the time he died cameras were well-advanced.

Despite this, Du Noyer never used a camera, he documented towns, villages, landscapes, coastal scenes, and archaeological features through line drawings and watercolours.and its landscapes during the 1800s.

The exhibition called  “Stones, Slabs and Seascapes” launches this Friday 17 November on the 200th anniversary of Du Noyer’s birth and will feature 150 pieces with loans from the collections of the Royal Irish Academy, National Botanic Gardens, the National Museum of Ireland, the Royal Society of Antiquaries, the Geological Survey Ireland and the National Archives.

The last exhibition of Du Noyer’s work in Ireland was 20 years ago by the National Gallery.